Timeline of Major Events

Major dates in the Archives are listed here.

There are two Date Standards; 'Anno Domini' from the Old Earth and Federal Date Standard. Both are accepted forms of date during the UTN Era. All dates are provided in both standards.

Day/Month is given in Eridonian Time format, based on the cycles of the Capital Planet of the UTN. Prior to 2238 A.D / 1 F.D.S, earth cycles are used.

<< UTN ERA >>


2238 A.D / 1 F.D.S

10/8 ET - Unified Terran Nation officially formed, Founding Manifesto ratified on the first Colony of Eridonia, Eris Tier I, the UTN Era Begins. Federal Date Standard introduced, starting of the first year, 1 FDS.

2250 A.D / 12 F.D.S

9/2 ET- The UTN 'Jump Drive' Sub-Space Acelerator is created based on scientific data recorded from the 'Eridonia's transit through the wormhole. MKI Jump Drive allows FTL travel between local star systems, allowing humanity to spread into the stars like never thought possible.

2266 A.D / 28 F.D.S

22/7 ET- UTN's first manned Subspace jump takes place. A human crew is successfully transported over an Astronomical Standard Unit in less than an hour.

2324 A.D / 86 F.D.S

6/5 ES- On the 6th May Earth date, the Terran Space Research Corporation mysteriously vanishes, bases are deserted, ships vanish. Subsequent projects in co-operation with the CEG end. TSRS Pathfinder makes contact with the young Unified Terran Nations in Aquarius.


2339 A.D / 101 F.D.S

<no fixed date>- After the hundred-cycle anniversary of the founding of the UTN, a dramatic increase in economic and industrial growth fuels a massive surge in colonisation of neighbouring systems of hte Aquaris Cluster. Beginning of the First Era of Expansion.

16/3- Corona System discovered by Deep-Exploration Probes.

2340 A.D / 102 F.D.S

4/9- Lorentis System discovered by Deep-Exploration Probes.

7/9- Garden world of Lorentis discovered, targeted for major colonisation effort.

11/11- The quickly expanding UTN is in need of ia unified military force to ensure the protection of her worlds and colonies. UTN Federal Navy and Planetary Forces officially formed as military branches of the young Federation.

2349 A.D / 111 F.D.S

9/10- First Colony on Coron, Corona System established.

15/12- Coron Democratic Republic founded and ratified into the Unified Terran Nations.

2353 A.D / 115 F.D.S

<unknown date>- RSA-descended starship arrives in the Phoenix Cluster via the original wormhole, its trajectory had shifted.

2369 A.D / 131 F.D.S

1/1- At the turn of the cycle, the first Colony on the garden world of Lorentis is established.

18/1- Official Government of the Lorentian Republic founded and ratified into the Unified Terran Nations.

2372 A.D / 134 F.D.S

<->- Years of expanded growth of UTN territory lead to the Resource Shortages of 2372. Despite economic fragility, unregulated corporate and government-backed exploration and colonisiation of new systems continues, UTN territory expands ten-fold.

2374 A.D / 136 F.D.S

<unknown date>- Phoenix Republic founded from survivors of the Russo-Sino Alliance that escaped earth after the 'Eridonia' left.

2376 A.D / 138 F.D.S

<->- Outer Systems discovered, many new resource-rich worlds are claimed and extensive mining operations begin. The UTN economy begins to recover from the Resource Shortages of 2372.

2412 A.D / 174 F.D.S

<unknown date>- UTN Naval Research and Development scientists successfuly create the first CTM-based starship shielding technology.

2417 A.D / 179 F.D.S

7/11- Supreme Senate passes the Expansion Act of 2417, resricting further expansion into new systems after many failed colonisation attempts. End of the First Era of Expansion.

2579 A.D / 341 F.D.S

<-> A CEG Expeditionary Fleet arrives in the Delta-Aquarius system, in the Phoenix Cluster, after discovering the trajectory of the original RSA colony ship.

2560 A.D / 342 F.D.S

<-> CEG Fleet arrives in Phoenix, making contact with the Phoenix Republic - the decendents of the old RSA and ancestors to the modern CEG. An Alliance between the two nations is established.

2571 A.D / 333 F.D.S

9/6 ET- Federal Navy Deep-space exploration probes discover the RSA colony ship that arrived in Phoenix. Diplomatic talks are suspended until more information can be acquired. Operation 'Old Guard' begins.

2601 A.D / 363 F.D.S

<-> Barrier 13 incidient sparks the start of the UTN-CEG War. Phoenix Republic-UTN relations deteriorate.

2602 A.D / 364 F.D.S

<-> TSRC Angel Point Research Complex is lost to a rogue Artifical Intelligence.

2616 A.D / 378 F.D.S

<-> CEG Forces suffer a crippling defeat in the Battle of Portia against the Federal Navy, surviving ships retreat through an artifical wormhole, presumably to Earth, and the CEG are never seen in Aquarius again. The Phoenix Republic begins new diplomatic talks with the Unified Terran Nations.

2991 A.D / 753 F.D.S

12/6 ET- Terran Genetic and Racial Unity Project commences.

3000 A.D / 762 F.D.S

<no fixed date>- The turn of the 3rd milllenia sees the UTN enter an era of prosperity and economic growth never before seen. Beginning of the Second Era of Expansion.

3527 A.D / 1289 F.D.S

19/4 ET- Hammer of Aquarius superweapon Project commences.

3544 A.D / 1306 F.D.S

<->- Hammer of Aquarius project completed: 120 weapon instalations become operational, providing the UTN with the most powerful weapon ever developed in known human history.

3617 A.D / 1379 F.D.S

9/9 ET- First Endeavour-class Battlecruiser, UTNS 'Endeavour' commissioned at A.R.A.S Shipyard, Lorentis System.

3721 A.D / 1483 F.D.S

20/2 ET- Unified Terran Nations declares war on the Phoenix Republic after years of suspected involvement with terrorist attacks in UTN space. Start of the Phoenix Conflict.

3776 A.D / 1538 F.D.S

12/6 ET- Unified Terran Nations begins a military invasion of the Phoenix Republic.

3786 A.D / 1548 F.D.S

6/6 ET- 10 years into the military campaign in Phoenix, the Federal Navy deploys Weapons of Mass Destruction over Kosiyurk City, Phoenix Prime in Operation Phoenix Falling. The Phoenix Incident.

3787 A.D / 1549 F.D.S

29/9 ET- First Phoenix Incident Trial.

3789 A.D / 1551 F.D.S

9/1 ET- Sector General Lukus Vorni commits suicide in a hospital on Eris Tier II, Eridonia.

3791 A.D / 1553 F.D.S

<->-'Hammer of Aquarius' officially decommissioned after public support for superweapons dropped dramatically after the Phoenix Incident.

4015 A.D / 1777 F.D.S

8/8 ET- UTN Naval Command loses contact with an ORP-3 'Honeywell' Remote Outpost in Tempest Sigma.

10/12 ET-  Federal Navy's 2nd Rapid Reaction Fleet's Hunter Task Group, led by Endeavour-S2A Battlecruiser UTNS 'Eridonia's Hope' arrives in Tempest Sigma to investigate the silent outpost. First Contact with unknown aggressive alien race later identified in Aurc Scriptures as 'Radacri'.

4016 A.D / 1778 F.D.S

2/1 ET- Communication with Sensor Stations in the Tempest Omega and Novellus systems is lost. Federal Navy mobilises elements of the 1st and 2nd Expeditionary Fleets to the Parthos II system in preperation for a major attack on the Federation.

3/1 ET- Communication with Sensor Stations in Caldus Secundus system is lost. Federal Navy's 2nd Rapid Reaction Fleet is mobilised to the Novellus system

4/1 ET- Federal Navy 2nd Rapid Reaction Fleet encounters an overwhelming Radacri force in Novellus, taking major losses the 2nd RRF is forced to retreat to Tempest Epsilon reinforcements arrive. Beginning of the Radacri Wars.

4022 A.D / 1784 F.D.S

1/4 ET- Battle of Stone Water's Crescent, Tempest Alpha. UTN Federal Navy's 19th Outer Sector Fleet completely wiped out by a Radacri attack. Farlease-class Light cruiser 'Great Beacon Runner-14' boarded by Radacri predators.

4031 A.D / 1793 F.D.S

<->- UTN Forces suffer multiple major defeats against numerically superior Radacri fleets in Montes Lumen, Montes Ignis and Tempest Sigma systems. 2nd Expeditionary Fleet suffers heavy losses, Federal Naval Command orders a full retreat to Tempest Ridge system; 1st, 5th and 6th Federal Guard Fleets deployed to counter the Alien offensive.
- Miner's strike on Thaylador Stratodock in Proteus Major results in violence between Proteus Security Forces and miners, pirate involvment suspected, Federal Navy deployed to quell potential uprising.

4033 A.D / 1795 F.D.S

1/4 ET- Radacri forces destroy 'Denver' Outpost in Parthos II; UTN senate declares state of national emergency. UTN Navy re-commissions the six Revenge-class Battleships, TSS Revenge, UTNS Grand Phoenix, UTNS New Dawn, UTNS Tempestas, UTNS Orion's Fist and UTNS Spirit of Eridonia into the 1st Federal Grand Fleet, to counter the newly encountered Radacri 'dreadnoughts'. Senate orders the re-activation of the ancient 'Hammer of Aquarius' platforms on the outskirts of the Tempest Ridge Inner systems.

4040 A.D / 1802 F.D.S

24/5 ET- Then-UTN President Marco Rennford authorises the deployment of the 'Hammer of Aquarius' superweapon after 25 years of continuous bloody conflict against the Radacri onslaught. The government of the Federation understands this is not a war they can win. Shortly after the Hammer of Aquarius is deployed, a sub-space blast-wave of unknown origin known as the Aftershock surges through the Aquarius-cluster, the start of the Fall of the UTN.

12/6- Pirate Cartel from the Angel Nebula, known as the 'Tiger Sharks', lands on Coron and begins occupation of the ruins, capturing and executing civilians. Beginning of Coron's Dark Years.

14/6- 15 year old Ciara Vellen, survivor of the Aftershock on Coron's Magneto City District 18, records her last few diary pages before being captured by the Cartel.

<Date Unknown (late)>- A vast consciousness of Artificial Nature beyond the Crimson Barrier contemplates the Radacri Threat to all sentient life, organic and non-organic.

<< Post-UTN ERA >>

4042 A.D / 1804 F.D.S

7/7 ET- Terran Loyalist Alliance founded from the remains of the Lorentis Republic.

4056 A.D / 1818 F.D.S

3/4 ET- TLA Fleets arrive in the ruins of the Corona System, meeting entrenched Pirate forces. Beginning of the Conflict to Liberate Corona.

6/8 ET- TLA Battlecruiser 'Tera Sola' leads a small fleet of cruisers and breaks Coron Orbit. The Fleet achieves a decisive victory, punching a hole in the Tiger Shark Cartel's orbital defences, allowing the TLA to land special forces, begining the relief effort.

4242 A.D / 2004 F.D.S

22/7 ET- TLA President Ashlai Vottori gives her first speech to the people of New Eridonia and the Terran Loyalist Alliance, 200 cycles after founding, from the ruined orbital Eris Naval Docks.

4250 A.D / 2012 F.D.S

6/12 ET- TLA makes contact with a second, extra-terrerstrial alien species known as the Volcyon over New Lorentis.

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