(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Point Defence Systems

Point-Defence Systems are designed to protect a starship from close-range threats such as strikecraft, bombers, gunships and corvette squadrons. The PDS system is also often responsible for defending the hull against incoming torpedoes and missiles.

||IMAGES: (Top Left) PDS Clusterfire CIWS


NAME: PDS Clusterfire CIWS
OPERATORS: Aquarian Federal Navy (4300-present)

Point Defence System, designation Clusterfire. A 4-armament Close-In Weapon System designed for Point-defence on large warships. Clusterfire provides a multi-purpose anti-strikecraft, anti-gunship and anti-missile system on a versatile, rugged platform on a C-type turret hardpoint. It is deployed on all current AFN warships in some capacity.

Based on a C-type hardpoint, the PDS Clustefire has four integrated weapon systems along with a dedicated sensor array and targeting system. The weapon system is designed to be directed remotely by the ship's Adaptive Harmonics System for Point Defence, but can also be operate locally by an internal Combat ELI, or manually by a human operator.

The primary armament of the Clusterfire is a pair of quad-linked rotary Fusion Impulse Mass Drivers, 150mm in bore diameter, configured to fire High Explosive Cluster Fragmentation (Flak) ammunition with either timed-delay fuses or proximity fuses for use against all types of strikecraft and bombers. The FIMD-150 weapons are also capable of firing AP Flechette ammo and HE-C (High Explosive Concussion) munitions for use against larger targets at CQC range if the need arises.

The secondary armament is a dual LCL1 Short-range Pulse Laser Cannon weapon system with a 20MW output per projector. LCL1 is a high-gain, short-wavelength laser weapon optimised for destroying heat-sensitive components like munition warheads and electronic systems on fighters and missiles. On the CIWS, these laser cannons primarily provide an anti-torpedo and anti-missile defence capability.


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