(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Magnetically Assisted Fusion Impulse Mass Driver

A Nuclear Mass Driver with magnetic stabilisation for increased velocity and accuracy.

The MA-FIMD is a development of the FIMD, first developed in the late 22nd century but wasn't introduced until the 23rd century, due to manufacturing limitations with then existing super-conducting technologies. The MA-FIMD utilises a Magnetic Accelerator built into the barrel construct that increases accuracy and muzzle velocity, similar to a coilgun. The MA-FIMD is now the standard weapon system of the Federal Navy, and has been upgraded significantly. Modern ammunition for all MA-FIMD weapons use single-burn plasma jets for in-flight course correction and higher acceleration. As such, listed velocity at maximum range is after maximum acceleration in flight.

(Top Left): UTN Federal Navy Triple "A" 805mm (31") MKIV MA-FIMD Turret
(Top Right): UTN FN Dual "B" 345mm (13.5") MKIV-A MA-FIMD Autocannon Turret

||Known Variants:

OPERATORS: UTN Federal Navy (pre 4040 A.D)

"A" Type armament for Heavy Cruisers and Capital ships developed to replace the older MKIII FIMD guns with a bore diameter of 700mm (27") used on the Revenge-class Battleship of the Old Federal navy. The MKI MA-FIMD was the first Magnetically Assisted Fusion Impulse Mass Driver to enter active service and was considered highly successful. Major advantages included significantly increased accuracy and muzzle velocity, with a reduction in Fusion Impulse Charge yield: made possible by the inclusion of a Gauss-style coil array in the firing assembly and barrel. MKI MA-FIMDs were the primary armament of the pre-Endeavour Battlecruiser of the 'Retribution' class.

Payload: 3.8T AP-AS / < 4T HE-C
Muzzle Velocity: 4970-5010 m/s
Operational Range: < 6000 KM
Velocity at maximum range: > 1500 KM/s
Bore Diameter: 720mm (28")
Maximum turreted configuration: Triple A


OPERATORS: UTN Federal Navy (pre 4040 A.D), AFN (4300-present)
IMAGE: (Top Left)


Payload: 3.8T AP-AS / < 4T HE-C/HE-CF
Muzzle Velocity: 5280-5700 m/s
Operational Range: < 12000 KM
Velocity at maximum range: > 2750 KM/s
Bore Diameter: 805mm (31")
Maximum turreted configuration: Triple A


NAME: B-Type MKIV-A MA-FIMD Autocannon
OPERATORS: UTN Federal Navy (pre 4040 A.D), Aquarian Federal Navy (4300-present).
IMAGE: (Top Right)

A versatile weapon system based on the 4th Generation (MKIV) Magnetically Assisted Fusion Impulse Mass Driver. MKIV-A is a recoil-dampened, single barrel (to a maximum of dual-linked) 345mm (13.5") high-rate-of-fire autocannon designed for use against small to medium class warships at medium to short range. The barrel assembly has a magnetically dampened firing chamber with liquid-immersion cooling to sustain higher fire rates with larger ammunition. Deployed on a B-type hardpoint, the MKIV-A provides the secondary armament for many larger capital ships in the AFN Fleet, as it did the Old Federation before that. B-type turrets featuring MKIV-A cannons are also often used as the primary armament on light cruisers and destroyers, such as the Havok-class Light cruiser based on the Farlease-class hull.

Payload: 1.2T AP-AS / < 1.55T HE-C/HE-CF
Muzzle Velocity: 2100-2600 m/s
Operational Range: < 1000 KM
Velocity at maximum range: > 20 KM/s
Bore Diameter: 345mm (13.5")
Maximum turreted configuration: Dual B


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