(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Gravity Field Generator

Standard starship artificial gravity generator. Pioneered by the TSRC before the Exodus, the technology allows localised gravity fields to be generated by modulating graviton pulse waves within an existing gravity well, such as that naturally created by a massive starship or space-station. This allows flexible directional attraction using gravity fields to create the impression of earth-like surface gravity on starships without centrifugal systems. The technology is widespread and used on almost all space-faring vessels short of single-seat craft and unmanned facilities.

Projecting and manipulating gravity fields with graviton waves has a multitude of additional use cases beyond providing artificial gravity. A military development of Gravity Field Technology resulted in the Gravimetric Gyro first used by the United Aquarian Systems' EV-class Supercarrier. Currently, Gravimetric Gyros are in use by ATIS Aquarian Imperial Navy warships of the RV, EV and UT-class for a verity of applications including exploiting the ability to create fluctuating gravity waves to deny FTL Transit technologies.

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