(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Anti-Matter Impulse Mass Driver

The Antimatter Impulse Mass Driver is the latest development of Mass Driver technology. Only recently developed by the Naval Research Labs, the AIMD utilises the Nuclear Energies released by colliding Matter with Anti-matter particles.

Though this principle has been understood for many years, only recently has the technologies (especially particle containment) been ready for the development of an actual weapon. The weapon utilises a similar principle to the FIMD, with a fuel matter injected into an ingnition chamber, but instead of a nuclear explosion, a high-powered laser produces a positron (anti-electron) by firing into a hydrogen nucleus. This position is charged into an electric field where it is collided with an electron using a series of Partricle Colliders. The energy released is focused into the ingition chamber by powerful magnetic forces, creating an energy shockwave that propels the solid projectile at immense speeds, of up to .749 C. AIMDs are currently not in widespread use, as the UTN Navy did not officially adpoted the weapon into their arsenal due to efficiency, reliability and cost issues, but prototypes were tested on a few specialist Navy Units.

The UAS Navy employs the weapon in limited numbers on specialised units.

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