(CEG-Era) Chemical Impulse Mass Driver

Ancient weapons technology from old Earth. CIMD, also known as Concussive or Chemical Impulse Mass Driver uses a sold-state chemical explosive charge stored in a cartridge to propel a payload shell at reasonable speed. CIMD-based weapons have been almost entirely replaced by FIMD based designs in modern use, due to their significantly higher muzzle velocity: requiring a smaller, more efficient payload to inflict similar damage with greater accuracy at range.

(Image: CEG built MD-1100 turret with dual 1100 mm CIMD Artillery Cannons, used on Hammer-class Heavy Cruisers)

||Known Variants:

"A-Type" MD-1100:

A heavy Chemical Impulse Mass Driver built by the Central Earth Government Navy for use on larger warships. The weapon is based on ancient principles and is considered highly reliable. CIMD-based cannon provides lower muzzle velocity, but uses a greater bore-diameter to deliver more explosive payload, in order to stay relevant in modern times. The MD-1100 is the most widely known heavy CEG weapon system and is often found, in at least partial working state (with ammunition) on Hammer-class vessels operated by various independent, mercenary or pirate factions throughout Aquarius. The weapon was also used extensively by the Phoenix Republic during the UTN Invasion of Phoenix in 3776 A.D.

Payload: =< 5.4 T
Muzzle Velocity: (Approx) 938 - 996 m/s
Bore Diameter: 1100 (43")
Maximum turreted configuration: Unknown (known: Dual)

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