(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Crystalline Tetra-Matrix Shield Generator

CTM shielding technology was first developed in 2412 A.D, 174 years after the founding of the UTN. The technology is based on a concept of energy crystals first discovered by the Terran Space Research Corporation many years before the Exodus of Earth.

(Image: CTM-based Deflector shield bubble powers up on a UAS Revolution-class (RV-AX) Fleet Cruiser).

The discovery of the element known as "Polaryte" was critical in the development of a working CTM-based shield generator design. Unusual properties of Polarytic Crystals in response to certain, specific wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation under certain conditions produce varying effects, including one-directional physical impact barriers.

Polaryte energy crystals are contained within a tight electromagnetic bubble generated from within the ship, changes in pulse width of the wavelength of the field alters the characteristics of the crystals. Longer wavelengths seperate the crystals from each other, allowing slow-moving objects to mnove through the barrier (like custard) and shorter wavelengths tighten the partially-resident crystals into a tough lattice of energy which can repel energy and kinetic objects alike. This resulted in the distintive blue hue from impactors, caused by the short-wavelength light emmitance of a powered up shielding array. In non combat situations, fast impacts would have a red-tinted hue.

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