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Standardised kinetic projectile technology consisting of, typically, a self-propelled, self-guiding motor unit with a fixed payload. Colloquially known as "missiles" among most Terran militaries. Missile technology used aboard warships in Aquarius are categorised into three groups Short Range (S), Medium Range (M) and Long Range (L). A fourth designation ELR (Extreme Long Range) Exists but is often considered under the ISBM technology branch.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Ion Maser / Ion Maser Particle Accelerator Cannon

Heavy Anti-ship weaponry designed originally by the UTN Federal Navy as a prototype replacement for the standardised Fusion Impulse Mass Driver employed on most terran warships at the time. Original Ion Masers were first deployed to great success during the Radacri Wars on the advanced Endeavour Series 5A-class Battlecruisers but were introduced too late to make any significant difference to the outcome of the war. The modern "IMPAC" weapon systems is a further development of the Ionising pulse beam, with a radiological 'tunnel' upon which a charged particle is energised during firing. IMPAC is considered to be a hybrid kinetic/energy weapon and is the standard weapon systems employed on A-Type hardpoints on almost all Aquarian Imperial Navy warships.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Bio-organic Processor Technology

Organic processors replicate living brains to exploit the extremely high computational throughput, dynamic self-adaption and power efficiency of neurological data processing.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Gravity Field Generator

Standard starship artificial gravity generator. Pioneered by the TSRC before the Exodus, the technology allows localised gravity fields to be generated by modulating graviton pulse waves within an existing gravity well, such as that naturally created by a massive starship or space-station. This allows flexible directional attraction using gravity fields to create the impression of earth-like surface gravity on starships without centrifugal systems. The technology is widespread and used on almost all space-faring vessels short of single-seat craft and unmanned facilities.

(UAS/ATIS) Gravimetric Gyro

The Gravimetric Gyro is a development of the standard gravity field technology in use with terran starship design since the Exodus. Originally pioneered by the TSRC, gravity fields allow the generation of artificial gravity without the requirement for centrifugal designs. The Gravimetric Gyro allows the projection of these fields to a much greater extent than a typical starship artificial gravity generator; allowing it to perform unique tasks such as using rapidly fluctuating gravity fields to deny FTL transit, actively shieling against gravity-based weapons and manipulating massive objects.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Kinetic Tether

Space-borne utility equipment designed to connect two objects or vessels together with high durability for utility purposes such as towing or salvage.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Extreme Long-Range Inter-Solar Ballistic Missile

ELR-ISBM technology was developed out of the need to project extreme destructive power (WTD or WMD) over extreme distances; such as those between entire star systems or even clusters. ISBMs were developed by the UTN for use on the Hammer of Aquarius platform, and later upgraded and modernised by ATIS. Their proliferation in the Imperial Era has been the cause of great concern for some historians.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Point Defence Systems

Point-Defence Systems are designed to protect a starship from close-range threats such as strikecraft, bombers, gunships and corvette squadrons. The PDS system is also often responsible for defending the hull against incoming torpedoes and missiles.

(UAS/UTN/ATIS) Helium-Fusion Plasma Impulse Drives

Nuclear-impulse type reactive drive using Hydrogen-Helium Fusion to create propulsion.

(CEG-Era) Chemical Impulse Mass Driver

Ancient weapons technology from old Earth. CIMD, also known as Concussive or Chemical Impulse Mass Driver uses a sold-state chemical explosive charge stored in a cartridge to propel a payload shell at reasonable speed. CIMD-based weapons have been almost entirely replaced by FIMD based designs in modern use, due to their significantly higher muzzle velocity: requiring a smaller, more efficient payload to inflict similar damage with greater accuracy at range.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Laser Weaponry

Lasers use focused beams of light (photons) to damage a target, mostly through heat.

(UTN/UAS/ATIS) Anti-Matter Impulse Mass Driver

The Antimatter Impulse Mass Driver is the latest development of Mass Driver technology. Only recently developed by the Naval Research Labs, the AIMD utilises the Nuclear Energies released by colliding Matter with Anti-matter particles.

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