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|| Database of all known Technology.

(UTN/UAS) Point Defence Systems

Point-Defence Systems are designed to protect a starship from close-range threats such as strikecraft, bombers, gunships and corvette squadrons. The PDS system is also often responsible for defending the hull against incoming torpedoes and missiles.

(UAS/UTN) Helium-Fusion Plasma Impulse Drives

Nuclear-impulse type reactive drive using Hydrogen-Helium Fusion to create propulsion.

(CEG-Era) Chemical Impulse Mass Driver

Ancient weapons technology from old Earth. CIMD, also known as Concussive or Chemical Impulse Mass Driver uses a sold-state chemical explosive charge stored in a cartridge to propel a payload shell at reasonable speed. CIMD-based weapons have been almost entirely replaced by FIMD based designs in modern use, due to their significantly higher muzzle velocity: requiring a smaller, more efficient payload to inflict similar damage with greater accuracy at range.

(UTN/UAS) Laser Weaponry

Lasers use focused beams of light (photons) to damage a target, mostly through heat.

(UTN/UAS) Anti-Matter Impulse Mass Driver

The Antimatter Impulse Mass Driver is the latest development of Mass Driver technology. Only recently developed by the Naval Research Labs, the AIMD utilises the Nuclear Energies released by colliding Matter with Anti-matter particles.

(UTN/UAS) Magnetically Assisted Fusion Impulse Mass Driver

A Nuclear Mass Driver with magnetic stabilisation for increased velocity and accuracy.

(UTN/UAS) Fusion-Impulse Mass Driver

The FIMD, or Fission Impulse Mass Driver is a weapon system invented in the late 21st century by the Terran Space Research Corporation, that has been in use with the UTN Armed Forces since it's founding, and remains in use with the United Aquarian Systems over 3000 years later.

(UTN/UAS) Crystalline Tetra-Matrix Shield Generator

CTM shielding technology was first developed in 2412 A.D, 174 years after the founding of the UTN. The technology is based on a concept of energy crystals first discovered by the Terran Space Research Corporation many years before the Exodus of Earth.

(UTN/UAS) Subspace Jump Drive

Standardised Jump Drive technology developed by the Old Federation and inherited by the United Aquarius Systems.

(UK1) Wraith Drive

UK1's revolutionary FTL technology.

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