(Type Defintion) Cruiser

Information on the Cruiser class starship in service with the UTN Federal Navy.

Cruisers were middle-weight warships, larger than Destroyers and smaller than Heavy Capital ships. The term "Cruiser" came about from old Earth navies, used to describe fast warships. In the Federal Navy, the cruiser served as the backbone of the fleet, providing roles from Special Support to Heavy Assault. Typically larger and better armed and armoured than Destroyers, the Cruiser was often just as fast, but not as agile. The term "cruiser" was used to refer to any warship that is heavier than a Destroyer, but lighter than a Battlecruiser (Despite their name, "Battlecruisers" are actually a class of Capital ship in the Federal Navy). The Light Cruiser was the smallest warship in the Fleet equipped with an independent Jump Drive.

The cruiser played many vital roles in the Federal Navy, from dedicated operational support vessesl to mighty Heavy Cruisers capable of confronting almost any threat in direct combat. In general, the cruiser was the jack-of-all trades the in fleet, it could perform the roles of many other classes, all rolled into one.

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