(Type Definition) Frigate

Information about the Frigate class of Starship used by the UTN Federal Navy.

The Frigate was a light escort warship. Typically under 150 metres, with a very low mass and emphasis on speed and agility over heavy firepower and protection. Frigates were the largest warship that can be internally docked on capital-class vessels and as such make up the backbone of the Federal Navy's light escort fleet. Frigates were typically armed with powerful anti-strikecraft weapon systems, such as cannister or flak munitions and provide larger warships with an effective defensive screen. Frigates had also been deployed by the Federal Navy in heavier offensive roles, such as the Heavy Frigate with dedicated anti-captial ship weapons.

Frigates were the most common type of Navy warship deployed in peace-times, and made up the backbone of the Sector Patrol Fleet.

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