(Type Definition) Destroyer

Information about the Destroyer class of starship used by the UTN Federal Navy.

Destroyers, originally called Torpedo Boat Destroyers in Ancient Earth Navies, evolved into a dedicated class of their own before the dawn of the Space Age. The Destroyer was a lightweight warship ranging from 150 metre Recon Destroyers to 300 metre Heavy Destroyers. The Destroyer made up the largest portion of all active combat vessels in the Federal Navy and was often the mainstay of smaller Federal Nation's navies. The Destroyer in the Federal Navy was one of the first classes of space warship to be built; and has played a major role in every Federal Navy operation to date. Destroyers typically did not carry independent Jump Drives, and typically operated from a Carrier-class capital ship or local naval base.

In the Federal Navy, the Destroyer served a similar role to its ancient ancestors, the primary role in the fleet was that of escort, Destroyers almost always serve as fleet escort for larger warships such as cruisers, or carriers. Being lightweight and small, the Destroyer is ideal for screening large fleets, acting as assault recon, preventing enemy flanking attempts and reporting contacts to the bulk of the fleet. Destroyers filled the gap between the smaller Frigate class, and the heavier cruiser class; having more fire power than the former, but being more agile than the latter.

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