(Cruiser) Farlease-class Light Cruiser

The robust backbone of the Old Federal Navy's escort and light support fleet. Farlease-class Light Cruisers were the smallest warship in the fleet to be equipped with an Independent Jump Drive.

Callsign: 'Farlease' / FARL-CCL-<series>
Class: Light Cruiser (CCL)
Role: Sector Patrol / Escort
Mass (approx): 224,850 T
Length: 680 M
Crew: --
Max Speed (Impulse Cruise): 1645 m/s
Max Speed (Hyper Cruise): 1,380 Km/s
Max Range (JDA): < 0.75 Parsec

Number Built: --
Operators: UTN Federal Navy (pre-4040 A.D), Terran Loyalist Navy (4042 A.D - 4299), United Aquarian Systems Navy (4299 - present)
Date: 3206 A.D / 968 F.D.S
Origin: Eris Tier Orbital Naval Yard, Eridonia System
Variants: --

Primary Armour Plating: --
Primary Armour Thickness: -
Primary Armament: -
Secondary Armament: -
Tertiary Armament: --
Shielding: -
Propulsion: --
Powerplant: --

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