(Type Definition) Strikecraft

Information on the Strikecraft class of starship in service with the UTN Navy.

Strikecraft (or "Fighters") are the smallest manned spacefaring warships utilized by the UTN Navy. Strikecraft are versatile weapons platforms capable of performing a multitude of tasks, from escort to assault. Stikecraft have always played a vital role in naval operations since human expansion into space, seeing action in all major conflicts since the space era.
Due to size limiations, these craft rely on larger support warships for resupply and re-armament, and as such have a limited operational range. Often used to harrass larger warships or escort small vessels such as corvettes, Strikecraft are considered to be an extension of thier parent vessel's offensive or defensive capability.

Typically, Strikecraft are deployed in large numbers during close-range engagments between opposing fleets, providing cover for large vulnerable warships from bomber assault, or supressing an enemy warship's defenses using torpedos ("Bombs"). During early space confontations between the fledgling Unified Terran Nations and the expeditionary forces of the CEG, large warships such as Destroyers relied heavily on long-range weaponry, lacking PDS (Point Defense System) or close-range defenses capable of targeting fast moving targets. This lead to the successful use of bomber strikcraft by Federation forces;Carriers deployed bombers to attack opposing CEG vessels before they entered weapons range. This use of strikcraft forced the CEG to develop interceptor craft to counter the fast moving bombers before they could atack the slow warships. Very simmilar to the pre-space era utilizing of fixed wing aircraft deployed from Carriers.

Strikecraft have become an important apsect of space warfare, seeing the dawn of dedicated Carrier ships using strikecraft as thier main weapon, and defense. In the UTN Navy, Strikecraft play a vital role in operations, advances in technology have allowed even small craft to carry weapons capable of decimating large targets. Most vessels in the UTN Navy possess dedicated hangers for strikcraft, being able to deploy them in a moments notice to counter any threat. Carriers are capable of deploying, resupplying, repairing and maintaining thousands of these craft. These small craft play a massive part in the success of the UTN Navy today.

Strikecraft provide the fleet with a versatile offensive and defensive capability. Deployed during fleet engagements to cover friendly warships against bombers, or supress opposing captial warships' defenses. Capable of overwhelming capital ship defenses, bombers are deployed as first strike units against opposing forces, before the larger warships move into range. Interceptors are designed and used to counter enemy bombers in order to protect larger warships, Multi-role strikecraft can perform many tasks inlcuding assault and counter offensive operations. Multi-Role strikcraft also see deployment during planetary assaults to provide air support. Space Superiority Fighters are dedicated to dominating space against enemy Strikecraft.

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