UTN Starship Profiles

|| Database of Starships used by the pre-fall Unified Terran Nations, or Old Federation

(Type Definition) Capital

Information on the Capital-class of starship used by the UTN Federal Navy.

(Type Definition) Frigate

Information about the Frigate class of Starship used by the UTN Federal Navy.

(Type Definition) Destroyer

Information about the Destroyer class of starship used by the UTN Federal Navy.

(Type Defintion) Cruiser

Information on the Cruiser class starship in service with the UTN Federal Navy.

(Type Definition) Strikecraft

Information on the Strikecraft class of starship in service with the UTN Navy.

(Strikecraft) FE-83 Hornet Interceptor

A Heavy Interceptor designed to seek and destroy enemy heavy bomber craft before they can close with friendly warships.

(Strikecraft) F-308 Avenger Interceptor

Once the mainstay of the UTN Federal Navy's interceptor leet, the venerable Avenger served a long and proud term. While being replaced by newer designs, it remained popular on the civilian market for hundreds of cycles.

(Cruiser) Harbinger-class Artillery Cruiser

Dedicated anti-ship weapons battery based on the Farlease-class hull.

(Cruiser) Tempest-class Missile Cruiser

Highly versatile missile platform cruiser based on the Farlease hull.

(Cruiser) Elara-class Light Cruiser

An Electronic Warfare and support Light Cruiser based on the successful Farlease-class hull.

(Cruiser) Farlease-class Light Cruiser

The robust backbone of the Old Federal Navy's escort and light support fleet. Farlease-class Light Cruisers were the smallest warship in the fleet to be equipped with an Independent Jump Drive.

(Cruiser) Vengeance-class Heavy Cruiser

Stalwart ship-of-the-line of the Old Federal Navy. These heavy cruisers were built to go toe-to-toe with enemy warships in fleet-scale engagements.

(Capital) Endeavour-class Battlecruiser

Iconic backbone of the Old Federal Navy's heavy strike capability. The most powerful warship fielded by the UTN Military. 1.5 KM long heavy warship weighing over a million Tons, Endeavours provided the heaviest available firepower.

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