Starship profiles - Alien

|| Database concerning the starships, and other space-faring vessels non-human in nature.


Dreadnought. An autonomous warrior of the Maikor legacy, heralded in battle as the Guardian of the Old Times. The largest and most powerful automaton short of a Sunrise Dreadnought, Guardians posess a destructive power best left undisturbed.


Its small size betrays its destructive power. The smallest of the Maikor Autonomous combatants, the Defender represents a significant threat to even an entire fleet.


Autonomous machine of supposed Maikor origin. Believed to act as the 'caretakers' of planetary systems considered of importance for incomprehensible reasons. The Drone is the smallest Maikor automaton, around the size of a Frigate, but wields destructive potential greater than that of a terrestrial battleship.

The Sunrise Dreadnought

Details from the UK1 Scientific Database, concerning The Sunrise Dreadnought, an unimaginably ancient autonomous Dreadnought of supposed Maikor origin, discovered by the United Kingdom in Aquarius.

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