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|| Aquarian Terran Imperial States >>

[Detailed Information on Starships of the current Aquarian Superpower, ATIS]


|| United Aquarian Systems >>

[Detailed information on Starships of the former Aquarian Superpower, the UAS]

|| Unified Terran Nations (Old Federation) >>

[Detailed Information on Starships of the once powerful UTN, or Old Federation, that fell in 4040 AD]

|| Independent Starships >>

[Detailed Information on Starships not affiliated with any major power]

|| Vujlcyon Conglomerate Starships >>

[Detailed Information on starships employed by the Alien Mega-Conglomerate, the VC]

|| Senlani Sector Rim Federation Starships >>

[Detailed Information on starships employed by the human-like Senlani, from the Sector Rim Nebula]

|| Tyandirr Third Imperium Starships >>

[Detailed Information on starships of the warlike Tyandirr Third Imperium]

|| Ancient Starships >>

[Detailed Information on non-human, Ancient Starships]


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Authoritarian Terran

Monarchist Terran

Rebel Terran

Non-Aligned Terran


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