(Aquarius - Core) Eridonia System

The former capitol of the Unified Terran Nations and the Seat of Power of the entire old Federation.

Eridonia was first settled by humans in 2205 A.D by an old-earth colony vessel of the same name. Within a few hundred cycles it became a sprawling metropolis, the heart of the most powerful human civilisation in the aquarius cluster - the Unified Terran Nations, or Old Federation as it is known today. At the height of its power, the Eridonia system was the most developed and heavily defended system in Aquarius, - home to the Federal First Fleet and the Federal Government.

Eridonia is similar to Sol, humanity's homeworld. The star is main sequence, slightly larger than Sol with higher energy output, but nothing that humans couldn't adapt to. Host to what was one of the most beautiful garden worlds in the cluster, Eridonia Prime.

In the 44th century Eridonia lies in ruin, ravaged by the Aftershock, her worlds almost torn apart, stripped of air and irradiated. Though the only strategic importance is the centralised location; the United Aquarian Systems maintains a significant military presence in the system to preserve the enormous global graveyard, where billions of human lives were lost, on the ruins of Eridonia Prime. The system is also host to vast starship graveyards, filled with countless ship carcasses, and is in the process of being recycled by the Six Trade Alliance - under sctrict supervision from the UAS government.

The Eridonia System has three satelitte systems, Eris I, II and III. It is believed they could have been former moons pushed into distant orbit.

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