(Aquarius - Core) Corona System

A former core system of the Unified Terran Nations.

Humanity arrived in the Corona System circa~ 2339 A.D. The system was selected as a settlement target soon after, with the first major colony established in 2349 A.D. Corona is named so due to the system's late-cycle red-giant star, which emits a brilliant red corona as the system's only planet, Coron - a lava world with a strong magnetic field - passes through the solar wind. While inhospitable to humans, Coron contains vast deposits of raw materials that made the planet a key target for mining and extraction industry to fuel the Old Federation's ever growing expansion. At the height of Old Federation power in the early 40th century A.D, Coron had become one of the most developed and densely populated systems in Aquarius with a thriving population supporting the mechanised mineral extraction planetside. Notable for the vast 'floating mega-cities' suspended above the liquid rock surface with the most powerful magneto drives ever created.

Corona was spared total destruction from the Aftershock during the fall by its powerful magnetic field. However, electromagnetic disruption caused almost all of the Magneto Cities to fall from the sky and crash into the molten surface, becoming the lopsided ruins that dot the surface today in the 44th century. Of the few cities that remained intact, a brutal pirate occupation by forces of the Tigershark Cartel forced most of the survivors into slavery, it wasn't until 4056 A.D that order was once again restored to the world by fleets loyal to the old Terran Government.

Today, Corona and her world is under the control of the United Aquarian Systems; the pirate cartels have been almost entirely pushed back into the fringed of the Angel Nebula, and due to a significant military presence, they remain there. The UAS has been at least partially succcessful in restarting the mineral extraction facilities to once again fuel its growth, but sporadic attacks by privateers from the Nebula have delayed any major developments.

The Corona System has two satellite systems, surrounding nearby dwarf stars, Corsis and Corsis II.

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