(Angel Reach) Helia

The system of Helia resides in a central location within the Angel Reach, G-West of the Central Aquarius Cluster. The system is of note as the seat of the former capital world of the Independent States of the Angel Reach (ISAR), which enjoyed a warm relationship with the incumbent Aquarian superpowers until its ultimate annexation in 4404 A.D, after transition to Imperial Power, with the instatement of the Imperial Treaty for the Governance of the Angel Reach.

Helia remains the capitol system of the ISAR Council, operating under the supervision of the Imperial Civic Development Program and the Regional Imperial Government. The system's small, main-sequence star is of little astronomical interest, however the planet of the same namesake is a temperate, human-tolerable garden world with extensive infrastructure development.

Being located in deep space between the Crimson Barrier and the Angel Nebula, Helia remains a key Jump Drive staging system, and a significant Imperial Navy presence is maintained in the system in protection of several concealed military station facilities. A permanent Jump Drive Array Beacon was constructed shortly after the arrival of Imperial forces and now acts as an official waypoint on the newly established civilian traffic corridors linking the Reach to Central Aquarius.

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