(Angel Nebula - Expanse) The Expanse

A remote star system on the fringes of the area of space known as The Expanse, near the Angel Nebula.


A small to medium sized main sequence star with no detectable planets or stellar objects, except a fine debris field of fine asteroids and dust, orbiting the star, creating a disc. This debris field contains some moderate-sized asteroids within which reasonably high concentrations of Polarytic Crystals have been detected.

Currently, the system is host to a UAS JDAB Buoy, and is likely to have a more permanent installation within the next few cycles in order to facilitate the extraction of the Polaryte in the asteroid disc. Aside from the deposits, the system is of somewhat high strategic importance as it represents a gateway into the Expanse region, and a refueling stop for smaller craft transisting from the Angel Reach.

|| No Planets Detected.

|| UAS Expanse-JDAB-A1
A subspace navigation buoy deployed by the UAS Federal Navy upon discoverying the system. The buoy orbits the medium size main-sequence star. The buoy acts as a fixed exit-point for Subspace Jump Drives; allowing large capital ships to facilitate long-range subspace jumps to the system with a fixed, known-safe exit trajectory.

|| Expanse Debris Field
A disc of particulate and small to medium sized asteroids orbiting the Expanse star. The disc extends far out into the outer reaches of the star's gravity field, and is believed to be the remnant of a planet that orbited the star many millions of years ago. The reason for the destruction of the supposed planet is largely unknown, but theories suggest it could be related to the event that created the Polarytic Radiation clouds in The Expanse region.

Reasonable deposits of Polarytic Crystals have been detected within asteroids within the disc. A UAS extraction operation is currently planned for the system, which will likely host a small outpost within the next few cycles.

(Angel Nebula - Expanse) The Expanse