Star Systems

|| All systems in known space and potentially, beyond.

Black Sky

(Angel Nebula - Expanse) The Expanse

A remote star system on the fringes of the area of space known as The Expanse, near the Angel Nebula.

Black Sky

(Angel Nebula - Expanse) AS-E-1

A recently discovered solar system in the centre of the Expanse.

Black Sky

(Aquarius - Core) Lorentis System

A Former Core World of the Old Federation, Lorentis was the birthplace of the Terran Loyalists that would eventually rebuilt Aquarius, forming the United Aquarian Systems in 4299 A.D. The system is now the proud Capitol System of the UAS.

Black Sky

(Aquarius - Core) Corona System

A former core system of the Unified Terran Nations.

Black Sky

(Aquarius - Core) Eridonia System

The former capitol of the Unified Terran Nations and the Seat of Power of the entire old Federation.

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