VC Starship Profiles

Database of Starships used by the Vujlcyon Conglomerate, an alliance of alien mega-corporations based in the Deep Red.

(Capital) Coloskijru Mammoth Mobile Factory-Transport

An enormous mobile space-faring platform build by the leading corporate entities of the Vujlcyon Conglomerate. At 3.3 KM long and estimated at over 10 million Mass Tons, this huge vessel is perhaps the largest and most massive mobile space-faring construct in known space. It serves the VC as a Factory, Refinery, Resource Processing centre, trading port and mighty Dreadnought all rolled into a single, robust design. Wherever the Vujlcyon have major interests, a Mammoth is likely present, acting as both the commercial and economic hub of the system - and its stalwart vanguard against those that would seek to disrupt it.

(Capital) Vujlcyon 'Volture' (HBT1) Battleship

A Heavy battleship and transport recently deployed by the VC's Trade Defence Fleet. 'HBT1' (Vuj: Volture) designs are based on pre-fall Old Federation Endeavour-class hulls, recycled by the VC under the Joint Reclamation Treaty of 4299 A.D established with the United Aquarian Systems.

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