UAS Starship Profiles

|| Database of Starships used by the United Aquarian Systems

(Capital) RT-AX 'Retribution II'-class Dreadnought

Based on the same underlying hull-design as its sister class, the Evolution, the RT-AX "Retribution II"-class Dreadnought is an entirely new breed of super-capital class for the UAS Federal Navy. Drawing from lessons learned in the "Dreadnought" era of the late 3rd and early/mid 4th milleniums of the Old Federation, itself a re-occurance of the "Big Gun" battleships of Ancient Old earth in the 19th century; the Retribution II has one simple purpose: complete battlefield domination, the last word in directed firepower available to the UAS Fleet.

(Cruiser) HY-AX 'Hydra'-class Light Fleet Carrier

A fast cruiser built by the Aquarian Federal Navy as a dedicated carrier-class. Hydra trades weapon systems and shielding for powerful engines, advanced sensors and huge Strikecraft and corvette hangers.

(Strikecraft) F-4300 Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is a 6-seat multi-role Heavy Strike Fighter employed by the UAS Federal Navy for medium to long-range interception and assault roles. Typically operating from larger vessels such as cruisers or carriers, Dragonfly has the range and durability to operate in deep space for extended periods of time, making it ideal for a long-range escort fighter. Due to its mass, Dragonfly isn't as agile as the smaller F-3910 Raptor, but is faster, stronger, has greater range and can carry a much larger payload.

(Destroyer) SP-AX Heavy Destroyer

Heavy Destroyer designed to replace the ancient Farlease-class hull. With powerful short and medium-range anti-capital ship weaponry, 48-bay anti-ship missiles, and an axial heavy artillery cannon, this vessel is built for one purpose: going toe-to-toe with the enemy.

(Capital) EV-AX Fleet Command Carrier

A mighty starship employed by the UAS Navy as a mobile base of operations, supercarrier and stand-off battleship all rolled into one. It is the largest space-faring warship in Terran history.

(Cruiser) RV-AX Fleet Cruiser

The first post-Fall UAS warship. Initially built to bridge the gap between the fast FL-AX hulls and the heavier VE-AX hulls, the RV type incorporates cutting edge Terran and Alien technology into one of the most capable warships fielded by the UAS Navy.

(Cruiser) HB-AX Artillery Cruiser

Based on the original pre-fall Harbinger design, itself an evolution of the Farlease-hull, the HB-AX provides the UAS Fleet with a powerful, stand-off range weapon system capable of neutralising even the most heavily-armoured warships.

(Cruiser) VE-AX Heavy Cruiser

Heavy assault cruiser based on pre-fall Vengeance-class design. The heaviest cruiser in the UAS Fleet, VE-AX warships are designed to be the final word in terran self-defence.

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