Star Ship profiles - ATIS

Space Vessels in use by the Aquarian Terran Imperial States

(Cruiser) RV2M-class

The first Pattern-2 derivative of the versatile Revolution-class Cruiser, RV2M provides the Imperial Navy with a dedicated long-range Anti-Capital and Inter System Ballistic Missile launch platform deploying the proven SPARTAN Missile System. RV2M-class cruisers also provide the backbone of the ATIS Fleet's mobile WTD Deterrent Program.

(Installation) Hercules MKII-class Mobile Jump Drive Array

One of the largest mobile space-faring structures currently seen in Aquarius, the Hercules MKII-class Mobile Subspace Gate (Jump Drive Array) entered service during the transition to the Imperial Era. The Subspace Gate network linking most systems in Aquarius is facilitated by these semi-static installations. Each Gate contains a massive powerplant capable of providing the immense energy required to create a tear in the fabric of space, allowing essentially any vessel to transit vast distances in the order of hundreds of parsecs, without requiring its own Jump Drive Array.

(Capital) RT-class Dreadnought

A super-capital class warship deployed by the Aquarian Imperial Navy. RT-class vessels are built upon the design of the UAS's 'Retribution-II' class dreadnoughts, incorporating many improvements and upgrades as they transition to Imperial Navy service. This class of Warship is the cornerstone of Imperial Terran military might, and the presence of one on a system is usually enough to quell most insurrections before they even start.

(Capital) ED-class Battlecruiser

A heavy warship in service with the ATIS Imperial Navy. ED-class Battlecruisers are based on the legendary 'Endeavour' hull designs dating back nearly a thousand cycles. The current iteration is essentially an upgraded Pattern 6 (S6) ED-AX, which itself is based on the highly successful Pattern 5A (S5A) which originally entered service with the UTN Federal Navy in 4003 A.D.

(Destroyer) SP-class

SP-class destroyers are built for CQC-range combat with hostile warships, primarily in a defensive role as a fleet escort. The warship has a low mass and extremely powerful manoeuvring thrusters, along with heavy armaments.

(Cruiser) RV-class

RV-class is essentially a Pattern-2 (S2) RV-AX/Revolution-class Fleet Cruiser from the UAS Federal Navy, inherited by the AIN and upgraded/retooled. It serves a similar purpose as a fast escort and fleet warship.

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