Star Ship profiles - ATIS

Space Vessels in use by the Aquarian Terran Imperial States

(Capital) ED-class Battlecruiser

A heavy warship in service with the ATIS Imperial Navy. ED-class Battlecruisers are based on the legendary 'Endeavour' hull designs dating back nearly a thousand cycles. The current iteration is essentially an upgraded Pattern 6 (S6) ED-AX, which itself is based on the highly successful Pattern 5A (S5A) which originally entered service with the UTN Federal Navy in 4003 A.D.

(Destroyer) SP-class

SP-class destroyers are built for CQC-range combat with hostile warships, primarily in a defensive role as a fleet escort. The warship has a low mass and extremely powerful manoeuvring thrusters, along with heavy armaments.

(Cruiser) RV-class

RV-class is essentially a Pattern-2 (S2) RV-AX/Revolution-class Fleet Cruiser from the UAS Federal Navy, inherited by the AIN and upgraded/retooled. It serves a similar purpose as a fast escort and fleet warship.

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