UAS Starship Profiles

|| Database of Starships used by the United Aquarian Systems

(Destroyer) SP-AX Heavy Destroyer

Heavy Destroyer designed to replace the ancient Farlease-class hull. With powerful short and medium-range anti-capital ship weaponry, 48-bay anti-ship missiles, and an axial heavy artillery cannon, this vessel is built for one purpose: going toe-to-toe with the enemy.

(Capital) EV-AX Fleet Command Carrier

A mighty starship employed by the UAS Navy as a mobile base of operations, supercarrier and stand-off battleship all rolled into one. It is the largest space-faring warship in Terran history.

(Cruiser) RV-AX Fleet Cruiser

The first post-Fall UAS warship. Initially built to bridge the gap between the fast FL-AX hulls and the heavier VE-AX hulls, the RV type incorporates cutting edge Terran and Alien technology into one of the most capable warships fielded by the UAS Navy.

(Cruiser) HB-AX Artillery Cruiser

Based on the original pre-fall Harbinger design, itself an evolution of the Farlease-hull, the HB-AX provides the UAS Fleet with a powerful, stand-off range weapon system capable of neutralising even the most heavily-armoured warships.

(Cruiser) VE-AX Heavy Cruiser

Heavy assault cruiser based on pre-fall Vengeance-class design. The heaviest warship in the UAS Fleet, VE-AX warships are designed to be the final word in terran self-defence.

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