(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Cruiser) Winter Blossom

A heavily retrofitted Farlease-class Series 2 Light Cruiser recovered from Federal Navy service from the distant past. She now serves a floating refugee and support ship, housing the thousand civilians the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet, lead by Captain Ronin Koceiro, rescued during the Angel Point Incident.

She is a converted Farlease-class (S2) Light Cruiser. With most of the primary armament and armour belts stripped away to create a lower mass vessel with increased effective speed and mobility. Perhaps the biggest notable change to this rather old workhorse is the conversion of the primary magazine for the (now removed) Hornet L/MRM bay and B-type turret on the foredeck, ahead of the control tower. In its place, the armoured citadel was fitted with living quarters and housing for a civilian population of around 1000 people, including women and children that the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet rescued during the Angel Point Incident.

As a result, the Blossom is now, essentially, a mobile refugee ship with additional modifications and upgrades to increase the vessel's utility as a support craft. The bow-mounted clamp-mast is an example of this additional utility; allowing the Blossom to tow friendly ships and/or cargo in space with her powerful thrusters. Upgrades were also made to the shielding array and sensor suite. Despite having a hull nearly 1200 Earth-Cycles old, the Winter Blossom is perhaps the fastest Terran ship in known space, being able to give the incredible speed of the ATIS Navy's RV-Class Interceptor cruiser a run for its money in a straight line in combat situations.

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