Starship database - independent

|| Database of known independent and otherwise non-aligned starships.

(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Cruiser) Imerivm

A salvaged AFN Ark-class (AR-AX) Fleet Support Ship, Imerivm has been extensively refitted and upgraded with modernised technology and systems under the EFP flag. She serves as a mobile base of operations for the Free Peoples' Fleet in remote sectors, providing logistics, resource collection, re-supply, re-fuelling and re-armament for the Pathfinder and her attendant Fleet.

(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Cruiser) Winter Blossom

A heavily retrofitted Farlease-class Series 2 Light Cruiser recovered from Federal Navy service from the distant past. She now serves a floating refugee and support ship, housing the thousand civilians the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet, lead by Captain Ronin Koceiro, rescued during the Angel Point Incident.

(CEG-Era) (Cruiser) Hammer-class Heavy Cruiser

Hammer-class Heavy Cruisers were the heaviest warship in service with the CEG Fleet, and later, the Military of the Phoenix Republic. Designed on ancient earth some time in the 23rd century, the Hammer is one of the oldest known warship designs.

(Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet) (Capital) Pathfinder

Legendary Battlecruiser under the command of former Terran War-hero, Captain Ronin Kociero. The Pathfinder's Lineage can be traced back thousands of earth-cycles.

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