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What's the deal?

There is no deal. I do not know what you are trying to imply with that question. However, because it was in fact I, that asked the question, I will entertain the idea of answering it to some extent.

I am in bed. You may have noticed, likely not, that my website has changed quite a bit. Since you are reading this, most likely, on my website; you have likely indeed noticed the significant change in theme and layout. That is because I wish to place more emphasis on the Science Fiction aspect of my content, than the Retarded, Autistic, Gender Confused Bullshit side that I often project. It is likely that a sudden onset of chemical imbalance within the biological processor that resides within the protective encapsulation of bone known as the cranium, utop my shoulders, has caused some negative emotions within my mind.

As such, I am going to focus on the dark, dystopian side of my universe. Perhaps even explore futures in which the cliché heroes fail, and darkness consumes all.

Or perhaps, it was for the betterment of humanity from the very beginning.

Regardless, I am in bed and this concludes this post.

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