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In case you somehow didn't notice, I redesigned my website. The new theme is lighter on the data and doesn't include a ton of fancy effects. I prefer it and the Sci-Fi vibes are appealing to me. Also, my former 'Role Play' section is now secured in its own section with password protection. That is because I am not ready for the silent judgement that comes with having public access - whether or not people even give a damn about what I type or not. That's anxiety for you.

Everything else can be found on the META section.

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I really love my friends and I'm really lucky to have people that I can talk to and enjoy their company (even if it is mostly online). My long-time friend, who I will refer to by his online name, GOKU

(Sash is Positive!) Moving on with my life! Yes!

After serious family events that caused major issues for me, I have decided to move on with my life. I will remove the posts about my family because I no longer care about them. For the record, this i

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