Very Important: I say Retarded Things. Please don't be offended!

This is a very important update to Important Information and more about this can be found in this post, so please read that first, kthx!

Basically, I can, and will, say really retarded things due to my mood swings. I get angry and emotional and do stupid things and say stupid things and this is my outlet for all of that. Most of it gets filtered through my "Self Control" but sometimes it gets through.

Please don't be offended by anything I type on this website. There's a very good chance I'm just pissed off or ranting about some crap because I'm in a bad mood. Otherwise, I type my own thoughts and opinions. I don't like to censor what I type in "fear" of offending people, but I also don't want to come across like a total dick. :D There's a fine balance.

Thanks for understanding! <3

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Site update: There is now a Forum.

Kind of a big update here. I have decided to add a forum. So, I guess people can make an account and discuss my content, or other content and such. I have made some rules for it, please read these. :3

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