Tech Babble #13: TU116 and the "6" Lineage. (Video Version!)

Okay, so this wasn't originally intended to be a babble for my website, but I decided to record one of my usual little babbles that I have while pacing from my living room to my front door in the hall. And this is the result.

I'm apparently quite excited about TU116, so this babble will be about that GPU. Much like, how my 12th babble was about Navi 14.

I'm too anxious to put this on YouTube, right now. So you'll have to excuse it being on my OneDrive via the link below, if you want to watch it. Along with my retarded voice, there is a video of me messing about in Warframe on the GTX 1650 Super - a TU116 based graphics card!

Uh, so, here you go.

Viewing / Download via my OneDrive.

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