• Sashleycat

Smashley plays, yes, you guessed it FALLOUT 4. Also this Settlement Defence is awesome.

OH JEESE IS SASHLEYCAT EVER GOING TO STOP POSTING THESE DUMB FALLOUT 4 VIDEOS? Actually yes. I think this is the last full-length one. I think I will probably record my gameplay and trim the best bits together into a montage of sorts. Otherwise my OneDrive is just going to be filled entirely with these Fallout 4 gameplay videos. >_>

The Gunners would probably eventually stop being able to even reach my Outpost, because the masses of decomposing corpses of their comrades would be too high to climb.

This is absolute CPU Draw-Call Raep. 3700X does well though. It was fun!

Viewing/Download link via my OneDrive