Sashleycat crap 30/11/2019 #1

Here's a cool idea. I'll make these little posts to my blog to get my thoughts out and say shit without making a twat of myself on social media. Social media is also very bad and I hate it.

So I closed my Twitter Account :D Omg. Please never again, Ashley, you fucking retarded gender confused buffoon. Okay so in this post I'll put some stuff that I want to rant about or whatever is on my stupid mind that doesn't fit another category.

Remember to go fuck yourself if you get your Jimmies Inna tangle.

No more thermal paste

I'm done using thermal paste because I get this stuff everywhere, all over the CPU, around the socket.... In the socket... And it tastes bad and is sticky and I hate it. So!

Instead I'm going to use reusable graphite thermal pads for my processors and maybe GPU too when my MX-4 runs out. Maybe I'll eat it.

I'm posting this on mobile and I bet the Wix app takes a dump on the image quality again. Oh well.



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