Sash Plays Metro Exodus: Sam's Story DLC with Ray Tracing, Part 3.

Part 3! I'm actually at my nan's right now, on my laplet. Anyway, because of the Cloud! I can share the video of me playing Metro Exodus's new DLC, Sam's Story, part 3. I've got just over 3 hours in the DLC now and it's absolutely fantastic. I love it. Not had a gaming experience like this, well, since playing The Two Colonels DLC, and the base game itself lol.

In this video I spent, like, 20 minutes faffing about the ruined building where the Captain has his base, trying to find the traps to reset. Then I realised they were marked with "X" paint and numbers. -_-" Be more observant, Ashley.

Anyway, enough Metro fanboy babbling, here's the video link.

Viewing/download link via my OneDrive.

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