Sash and the current Pandemic.

A small update from me. I don't have the disease, and I am low risk because I rarely ever leave the house due to self-isolation because of my inherent Social Anxiety.

So for me, this is business as usual.

However, I have spooled up all of my computers to work on Folding at Home who have released a project to combat the disease and virus. All of my CPUs and GPUs are going to be working on those projects for the foreseeable future; at least until World Community Grid have an active project up and running.

Anyone that has a computer that has spare resources, please consider donating time to the project to help us use SCIENCE! and Processors! to take the fight to the virus and help save lives.

I didn't want to put the words associated with the virus or its disease in my post because I don't want to pollute the google search results with my blog; which doesn't offer any official stuff on it.

That said: if you are in the UK check NHS website for advice on what to do. Thanks.

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