(RP) Lorentis Naval Sector LIN-1, Lorentis System, circa ~4453 A.D

The Imperial Navy's newest Retribution/Pattern3 Dreadnought, AINV By Their Sanction (top) in gravimetric anchor, in a few cycles she will raise anchor and make the 500-light year journey from Lorentis through the Angel Reach, and into the shadow of the Angel Nebula; where she will link up with the Angel Sector Fleet's Varal Task Groups Alpha and Beta, acting as the Imperial Navy flagship for the region, after the catastrophic loss of the Crimson Prestige during the Varal-Sol Gate incident of 4447 A.D.

In the background, the Lorentis Sector Defence Fleet's Task Group Alpha gets underway, with the newest addition to the Imperial Navy arsenal; the RE-II-class Battlecruiser prototype in formation behind an ED-class battlecruiser. The RE-II would eventually pass trials and enter full production in 4460 A.D.

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