[Role Play] TLN 1st Core Sector Fleet arrives over Coron, Corona System, 4056 A.D

Late in the cycle of 4056 A.D (1818 F.D.S), the Terran Loyalist Navy's 1st Core Sector Fleet arrived over Planet Coron - capitol world of the Corona System and former seat of the Coronian Republic Government. TLA scouts discovered the system had been entirely occupied by a Pirate Cartel known as the 'Tiger Sharks'; who had siezed the system when the Aftershock impacted.

View from the bridge of Tera Sola as she fires her main armament, disabling a Cartel's converted Endeavour-class Battlecruiser. In the foreground, TLN Vengeance-class Cruiser 'Forward with Fortitude' discharges a Directed Helium-Plasma cannon at an incoming Cartel warship. Her Shields flare up as she recieves Mass Driver fire.

With very few Naval forces of the Old Federation present, as most were contributing to the Radacri War effort, the few warships that had remained in Corona were disabled by the Subspace blast wave. There was almost nothing to stop the Cartels from making planetfall; rounding up survivors into slavery and worse. A humanitarian disaster for a world that had a sizable survivor population, the Loyalists rallied what forces they could and lead a direct assault on the Corona system.

The limited Intel available to the TLA resulted in a long and bloody conflict of attrition with both sides taking heavy loses. It wasn't until the late cycle of 4056 A.D, Battlecruiser 'Tera Sola', an advanced Series 5A that survived the war, lead a TLA Fleet to secure Coron's orbit. The small force, incuding half a dozen Vengeance-class cruisers, managed to break the Tiger Shark Cartel's grip on Coron's orbit and deploy special forces to begin an enormous relief effort.

However, the Cartels would soon re-group and deploy reinforcements to Corona; the leading clans weren't about to let thier biggest haul go without a bloody fight. 200 cycles later, the TLA are still fighting the Cartels for control of the Corona system, although the planet remains mostly under Loyalist control.

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