[Role Play - Mission] Operation Eon: Expedition to The Expanse. (2117 FDS). Phase 3.

|| Transcript Loaded...

|| LST = Lorentian Standard Time.

|| Current Location: System: [EASM: The Expanse]

|| Situation: Passive

Tactical Command Update:

Task Force Eon-Alpha-2 has arrived. TF Eon-Alpha-1 await new orders.

||Visual Feed Loaded...

|| Closing Visual Feed.

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0958]

Fleet Cruiser (Flag) (RV-AX-1EF-014) - New Subspace Exit Contacts (2) Marked. IFF: UAS-FNIA. Friendly.

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0961]

Heavy Cruiser (Flag) (VE-AXS-FNIA-090) - Jump Transition Successful: [CLASSIFIED]-> [EASM: The Expanse]. All systems operational.

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0962]

Support Cruiser (HY-AX-FNIA-002) - Jump Transition Successful: [CLASSIFIED]-> [EASM: The Expanse]. All systems operational.

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0963]

Heavy Cruiser (Flag) (VE-AXS-FNIAS-090) - Initiate Direct-Link Secure communication. Target: Fleet Cruiser (Flag) (RV-AX-1EF-014).

|| Transcribing...

Contact. Hailing Task Force. Echo Alpha-1. Flag. Romeo Victor 1 Echo Foxtrot 0. 1. 4.
This is Task Force Control for TF Echo Alpha 2. on flag, Victor Echo Foxtrot November India Alpha-0. 9. 0. Fleet Marshal Kveskov here. The Federal Naval Intelligence Agency is assuming direct control of this theatre of operation. AFN High Command has placed TF Echo Alpha 1 under our command.
We are issuing an update to your orders by request of Angel Sector Fleet Command: Escort Asset: TF. Echo Alpha 2, Hotel Yankee Foxtrot November India Alpha 0. 0. 2. to the designated location. We are updating your navigation system with the relevant information via encrypted channels.
Once the theatre is secure, you are to continue the operation as normal. Any questions commander?

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0964]

Fleet Cruiser (Flag) (RV-AX-1EF-014) - Accepted Direct-Link Secure communication. Target: Heavy Cruiser (Flag) (VE-AXS-FNIA-090).

|| Transcribing...

TF Eon-Alpha-2 on flag, Victor-Echo-Foxtrot-November-India-Alpha-090.
We were not informed of an update to this operation. It would have been nice to know the FNIA would be involved, I prefer my assets firmly under my command, with all due respect, marshal.

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0963]

Heavy Cruiser (Flag) (VE-AXS-FNIA-090) -Respond Direct-Link Secure communication. Target: Fleet Cruiser (Flag) (RV-AX-1EF-014).

|| Transcribing...

Information is on a strictly need to know basis, Commander. As per the Red Sector Directive; Aquarian Federal Navy forces operating under AFN Angel Sector are to report directly to the FNIA chain of command. That is all, Commander. Aquarius will stand strong in these troubled times.
Victor-Echo-Foxtrot-November-India-Alpha-090, out.

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0963]

Heavy Cruiser (Flag) (VE-AXS-FNIA-090) -Closed Direct-Link Secure communication. Target: Fleet Cruiser (Flag) (RV-AX-1EF-014).

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0966]

Fleet Cruiser (Flag) (RV-AX-1EF-014) - Communication package for Inter-Solar Subspace Communication dispatched. Target: AS-E-2: Fleet Cruiser (RV-AX-1EF-017).


"RV-1EF-014, Flag, to RV-1EF-17, Escort Group Alpha. Tactical Command Update. New rendevouz location transmitted. High priority package, designation, HY-FNIA-002 inbound. Hold position and await arrival."

|| Current Location: System: AS-E-2

|| Situation: Passive

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0981]

Fleet Cruiser (RV-AX-1EF-017) - Inter-solar Communication Package recieved from Fleet Cruiser (Flag) (RV-AX-1EF-014). Acknowledgement sent. Status: Hold position. Begininng De-acceleration.

[LST: 2117-08-12]-[0982]

Escort Group Alpha [SP-AX-1EF-085, 086, 091, 092] - Formation update: Begininng De-acceleration.

|| Closing Transcript...

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