[Role Play - Mission] Operation Eon: Expedition to The Expanse. (2117 FDS).

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

||UAS Naval Directive System Loaded... Welcome Commander.

||Designation: Operation Eon

||AO: Angel-Crimson-NN+ (Unclaimed Space).

||Priority: High

||Issuer: Joint Presidential Council via AFN High Command

||Assigned: Fl. Cmdr. Alexau Vektn, UAS 1st Exp. Flt.

||Assigned TF: 1EF Task Force Eon-Alpha-1

||Mission Type: Expedition


Note: despite transfer to RSEC High Command, 1st Expeditionary is still operating under the Aquarian Federal Navy High Command. As such, RSEC Assets will not be committed to the Operation.

Long-distance survey probes have confirmed data from the Eridonia Archives concerning large deposits of Element X-1 (Polaryte) in the region of space, G-North from the Angel Reach, known as 'The Expanse' to historic starmap data. The United Aquarian Systems must stake a claim to this deposit before other regional powers, including our new Allies in the Six Trade Alliance, do so. This would prevent a long and potentially problematic diplomatic standoff.

In addition to major strategic assets in the region, the Federal Space and Scientific Research Agency (FSSRA) has requested a scientific team is escorted to several sites within the sector. Naval High command has authorised this deployment and it is one of our top priorties to ensure the scientific research and data is collected safely.

The Joint Presidential Council has authorised a limited deployment to the unclaimed sector. Further directive details follow.

||Further Details:

Significant Polarytic and X-Ray radiation has been detected in System AS-E-1. The system lies in the heart of a Polarytic radiation cloud larger than any other observed in known space. It is several orders of magnitude greater than the known Dead-Zones South of the Crimson Barrier caused by Hammer weapon platform decay. The cause of the radiation cloud is unknown. Astronomical Analaysis indicates the system AS-E-1 is likely hosting an extremely energic Neutron Star.

The primary objective of this Expedition is to flag high concentrations of Element X-1 Polaryte for extraction after the security operation is complete and the sector is deemed safe for civilian traffic. A secondary objective of high importance is to provide an FSSRA Scientific Team with access to various Points Of Interest in multiple systems of the sector. Due to the damaging nature of the Polarytic radiation cloud, entry to System AS-E-1 will be extremely limited, caution is advised when operating within the cloud.

Long-Range probes have not detected any known signitures on SDS or MLADAR in the targeted systems, however strong electromagnetic inteference from System AS-E-1 prevents concise scans of nearby systems. Due to the sensitive nature of the operation, UAS allies in the nearby regions have not been informed.



Primary Objective: Establish Forward Staging Point in System [EASM: The Expanse].

Primary Objective: Establish Jump Drive Array Beacon in System [EASM: The Expanse].

Primary Objective: Analyse nearby systems for X-1 Deposits.

Secondary Objective: Escort FSSRA Science Team to POI in nearby systems.



There is limited intel on expected contacts. Un-registered civilian shipping in the AO must be ordered to leave and a minimum time frame provided as per Federal Law. Un-registered civilian shipping failing to comply with the order must be siezed with extreme prejudice and all occupants transfered to the Federal Naval Police Agency for debrief.

It is not expected that Allied assets will be active in the AO. However, standard operating procedure as per Federal Law and the STA Unclaimed System Treaty applies.


There is limited intel for this operation. Long Range Scans are unable to penetrate Radiation clouds near to System AS-E-1. Operate with extreme caution as per ROI.

||Assigned Assets

1EF Task Force Eon-Alpha-1

[Cruiser Group Alpha]

RV-AX-1EF-014 [Revolution-class Cruiser]

<> Alpha Interceptor Wing

<> 6x F-3910 [ISF]

<> Beta Interceptor Wing

<> 6x F-3910 [ISF]

<> Delta Interceptor Wing

<> 4x F-3910 [ISF]

<> Gamma Bomber Wing

<> 4x F-4300 [HSF]

<> Epsilon Bomber Wing B

<> 4x F-4300 [HSF]

<> FSSRA Science Team Alpha

<> 16x FSSRA LD/A Survey Probes