(Re-upload) Sash rants about the RX 5600 XT whilst making you feel sick by pacing in a Video Game.

Also about the RTX 2070 and ray Tracing.

You might want to just listen to my Rant (why would you want to do that?) and not watch the video for the first bit because apparently I'm being Meta-ADHD in a video game. (Yes I have ADHD, and yes it messes with my life. No I'm not, not being politically correct, and yes I don't care if you think I wasn't, and should have been. Thanks!).

Viewing/Download Link on my OneDrive.

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I really love my friends and I'm really lucky to have people that I can talk to and enjoy their company (even if it is mostly online). My long-time friend, who I will refer to by his online name, GOKU

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