PSA: Talking to Sash privately is not for the faint of heart. Should I talk to Sash? Guide.

So you came across my website and blog, or whatever, and decided to contact me because you want to talk to me about something. Tech, or something. Well I am here now, typing this guide to save us both the trouble and determine if you really should be contacting me.

Firstly: I am completely fucking batshit insane. I do not apologise for how fucking batshit insane I am. It's just what I have become. Keep that in mind. Thanks!

Here's some simple ones to get started.

1) Are you easily offended?

Yes: Probably shouldn't talk to Sash.

No: Next question.

2) Does Highly Random Behaviour bother you?

Yes: Probably shouldn't talk to Sash.

No: Next question.

3) Are you prepared to deal with Highly Unstable Mood?

Yes: Next question.

No: Probably shouldn't talk to Sash.

4) Do you want to hurt/kill me?

Yes: Tell these guys first. Then see this.

No: Next question please.

5) Do you think Intel CPUs are the best thing ever, especially for GaMiNg?

Yes: This might help.

No: Feel free to contact me. I may not reply. Please don't be mad. Love you!

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