Important Information: I'm not affiliated with the YouTube Animator 'Sashley'

Just an FYI. I'm 26 and from a lovely little island poking out of western Europe.

I had the name Sashley first! But then I found out about Sashley and I changed my persona to 'Sashleycat' to make the difference obvious. And I also love cats, and I'm a catgirlboy. So Sashleycat!

My Sashley comes from my name Ashley, and the first letter of my mum's maiden name added to the front. S-ashley. Sashley! Though my one friend just calls me Sash.

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Site update: There is now a Forum.

Kind of a big update here. I have decided to add a forum. So, I guess people can make an account and discuss my content, or other content and such. I have made some rules for it, please read these. :3

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