I have 32 Threads.

I don't really have any words right now to describe how I feel about 16 cores, 32 threads running WCG and using ~85W for all of it. 3.5-3.6 GHz all 16 cores, flat-out 100% load in Eco-Mode for 65W TDP (88W PPT).

I have a Shadow Rock TF2; and the CPU is in the 50-55*C range. Each core is using 0.95V ~. The package power for all 32 threads in FPU-heavy work: 80-85W~.

AMD, you've done it. I... Uh, don't actually have any words to describe this. That's right, Sash has no words.

Which just means you're going to get a HUGE TECH BABBLE in the next 48 hours. :>

Maybe. I might be too busy gawking at Task Manager.

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