(Get Off My Lawn) One of my neighbours is having that Garden DIY SOS TV show done...

... Okay, they're not on my lawn, but I wanted to say that because I thought it was funny. Anyway, about 5 metres from my back garden gate, there is that "famous" lady with the blonde hair that presents that TV show, and about half a dozen camera/crew and I'm absolutely terrified, despite already passing that initial "NOW IS MY TIME TO SHINE" phase where I wanted to crash the party and take a moment to talk to the viewers about AMD™'s awesome new lineup of Ryzen™ 5000 processors, available now, wait, I am not shilling for AMD; I just thought it was funny!

I will continue to observe the human entertainment-media creation group with a watchful, autistic eye. (Actually 2, as I don't tend to close one eye when observing due to loss of effective depth perception).

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