Gaming video: Railroads with Sashleycat. Fallout 76, Episode 1

Did I ever mention that I am literally obsessed with trains and railways, whenever I see them in a video game (since I do not leave my house), I get all excited and it became something of a meme with my friend who I occasionally play Fallout 76 with.

Anyway, I thought it was a cool idea to make a video series to sate my inner Autism that demands I obsess over railways in video games. So, starting with where this meme originated, Fallout 76, here is the first episode.

By the way, this isn't a joke. The excitement is real. I really do like trains.

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I really love my friends and I'm really lucky to have people that I can talk to and enjoy their company (even if it is mostly online). My long-time friend, who I will refer to by his online name, GOKU

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