A moment of Silence for SashleyKittens.

SashleyKittens is no more. Sash's Disqus account to which they often posted on VideoCardz, has suffered the same fate that eventually all of Sash's accounts will suffer: Deletion.

Jahy-Sama often portrayed SashleyKitten's cat-face.

It is because Sash cannot cope with human interaction long-term. It is also for other reasons that they won't want to post on their blog. It's not because of some trash from other less reputable websites, don't worry.

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I really love my friends and I'm really lucky to have people that I can talk to and enjoy their company (even if it is mostly online). My long-time friend, who I will refer to by his online name, GOKU

(What?) What?

What? I need to put a title for this post that makes sense? No I don't. I don't answer to you! I answer to me! ME! You're nothing. NOTHING! Say that last part in the voice of the raiders from Fallout

(Sash is Positive!) Moving on with my life! Yes!

After serious family events that caused major issues for me, I have decided to move on with my life. I will remove the posts about my family because I no longer care about them. For the record, this i

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