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(Human - ATIS) Amiori Kociero

Daughter of the Legendary, now infamous, Ronin Kociero. Fleet Admiral in the Aquarian-Terran Imperial Navy's 1st Outer Sector Fleet.

(Human - UK1) Captain Alexander Ryan-Walker

The Captain is the oldest individual living in UK Space, living being the closest term that can be applied.

(Human - Independent) Ronin Kociero

Legend. Hero. Father.

Ronin Kociero, the captain of the now legendary Pathfinder-class Armoured Cruiser, the first of her class, Pathfinder. In history, never before has so much been owed by so many to one man. Captain Kociero was once the bastion of the Old Federation, the most successful of the Sempiternalis Project, undying, unyielding. Ronin's Daughter, Amiori Kociero, is the UAS Fleet's most respected Naval Commander. Carrying in her father's legendary footsteps to lead the Terrans to prosperity once more.

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