There are two things I want to make clear:


I research everything I use, and try my hardest to make sure I do not infringe copyright (such as hosting an image, for example) on my website. However, if for any reason you want me to remove something please message me on the Contact Page and put [COPYRIGHT] in the name box so I know it is for that, and if necessary I will get a friend to read it for me (if I am anxious) and I will remove the infringing content within 24 hours. Thanks for understanding.

Usage of my content

There are two distinct types of content that I create on my website. Those are, photographs (that I took) and images or drawings (that I created).


All photographs I take (such as in my Hardware Gallery and on Blog Posts) are in the Public Domain (I say that they are) and you can use them for whatever reason without crediting me.

Images I create

Images and content I createis available to use if you credit me directly and link to this website. Thank you for understanding.

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