I research everything I use, and try my hardest to make sure I do not infringe copyright (such as hosting an image, for example) on my website. However, if for any reason you want me to remove something please message me on the Contact Page and put [COPYRIGHT] in the name box so I know it is for that, and if necessary I will get a friend to read it for me (if I am anxious) and I will remove the infringing content within 24 hours. Thanks for understanding.

Usage of my content

There are two distinct types of content that I create on my website. Those are, photographs (that I took) and images or drawings (that I created).


All photographs I take (such as in my Hardware Gallery and on Blog Posts) are in the Public Domain (I say that they are) and you can use them for whatever reason without crediting me.

Images I create

Images and content I create is available to use if you credit me directly and link to this website. Thank you for understanding.

Catgirl Avatar

My Catgirl avatar was a commission and you can use her if you directly credit the author and link to my website somewhere. Thank you!

Privacy Policy

I do not want to track you, or log anything you do, or anything because I do not care. Wix, however, has a whole bunch of tracking features that I can't disable so please use an ad-blocker extension such as uBlock Origin:

The things it logs are basically how you interact with my website, what pages you visit and your rough geographical location (country only). When you accept the cookie message that appears at the bottom, those things get tracked to my dashboard but I rarely look at them. I only want to use this website as an outlet for my ideas. I do not care about where the traffic comes from or how it navigates my website.

This notice serves to tell you about the data collected if you accept the non-essential cookies on the banner on your first visit. A summary as follows:

  • It tracks where you came to my website from (i.e google, or a link in Twitter);

  • It tracks the country of origin of the request to access my website;

  • It tracks which pages you viewed and for how long;

  • Some of the functions of this website such as the Log In option need to use a cookie on your computer to function properly. You do not need to use that so you can effectively block all cookies with a third party tool (see above) and it will be just how I intended it to be. Privacy is important to me, like any decent human being, and I have absolutely no intention of logging this data but the provider of my website hosting service currently doesn't provide an option for me to disable it. However you can DECLINE the use of cookies on the little banner that comes up at the bottom.

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