Factions - Alien, Ancient

|| Database concerning known alien (non human) civilisations that existed millions, or potentially billions of years before humanity arrived in Aquarius.


A mysterious ancient race of extra-terrestrial beings that had at least some influence in Aquarius, around 100 thousand years before humanity arrived. While by far the most recent of the "Ancient" classification, Antaequan civilisation almost completely disappeared and there remains very little data concerning them. The most widely accepted theory is that the Antaequan were responsible for the xeno-AI known as "Antaeus", upon which most forms of Terran Artifical Intelligence are based on.

Great Maikors

An unknowable entity or entities that existed over ten billion years prior to human arrival in Aquarius. Widely believed in Terran Archaexenology, from ancient Aurc Scriptures to be responsible for the creation of the universe. There is no universally agreed on theory concerning the Great Maikors.

Aurc (Ancient)

A mysterious race of intelligent beings that held an apparent dominion over the Aquarius Cluster almost 200 million years ago. Their artefacts and ruins have survived impossible odds and dot the myriad worlds in the shadow of the Angel Nebula. Their ultimate fate remains unknown and is rife with conjecture.

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