faction database


|| Database provides detailed information about recent or semi-recent non-human civilisations or species.

Tyandirr Third Imperium

The Tyandirr are an aggressive, predatory bipedal species from the Taran Nebula, on the outskirts of the Deep Red. The Imperium is the Third Empire of the Tyandirr, an ancient and proud state governed by the sacred Tyandirr Emperors, descended from the Ancestors themselves.

Illuvian Radacri

A quasi-ancient alien species of largely unknown origin. This mysterious, hive-like, insectoid race of bio-organic space vessels first appeared to Humanity in the early cycles of the 5th millenium. First contact was hostile and the resultant war would lead to, ultimately, the collapse of the Unified Terran Nations in Aquarius.

Vujlcyon Conglomerate

Vujlcyon are a humanoid, bi-pedal species hailing from the Planet Vujlcyia, in the Deep Red, Sagittarius Cluster. The Vujlcyon Conglomerate is a interstellar trade alliance of Megacorporations that govern all affairs in Vujclyon space.

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